Smart OMEGA Junior

Caring for your child!

Components of the preparation in 2 capsules:
Tuna oil 400mg
incl. :

  • DHA 200mg
  • EPA 28mg

Vit. C 60mg (100% ZDS*)
Vit. E 3mg (30% ZDS)
Vit. A 800mcg (100% ZDS)
Vit. D 5mcg (100% ZDS)
ZDS* - recommended daily allowance 

Smart OMEGA Junior is a complex preparation containing Omega-3 fatty acids (especially DHA acid) and a complex of vitamins A, D, C, E. It is a supplement enriching a child’s diet in ingredients ensuring the proper development of nerve tissue, organ of sight, improving thinking and learning processes.
DHA fatty acid:
• is the most important structural fatty acid building the brain cortex, cell membranes of synaptic connections, mitochondria and photoreceptors of the eye’s retina,
• constitutes 40 free unsaturated fatty acids in the brain and 60% of free unsaturated fatty acids in the eye’s retina,
• participates in the synthesis of biomolecules which are indispensable for the protection and proper functioning of the nervous system,
• increases the concentration of neurotransmitters: serotonin and acetylcholine in brain.
Physiological functions of DHA are complemented by:
• vitamin A, because it ensures proper vision, especially after dusk and at the same time participates in the creation of epithelial cells of gastrointestinal and respiratory system,
• vitamin D, because it participates in the creation of bones and teeth,
• antioxidative vitamins C and E, because they reduce the action of free radicals and by the same they are responsible for the proper structure and function of biological membranes of all cells of the body, especially nervous system cells.
Brain is the most “fatty” organ in our body. Almost 2/3 of the mass of human brain are phospholipids, i.e. so called structural fats building nervous cells membranes. DHA constitutes nearly 50% of the mass of nervous cells membranes!!!
Why should we enrich our child’s diet in Omega-3 fatty acids:
• Low intake of fish and seafood in our country,
• Progressive depletion of food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,
• Progressive increase of the occurrence of ADHD, dyslexia, depression and aggressive behaviour and also allergy and asthma in children.
Supplementation with Smart Omega Junior:
• improves the processes of learning and memorizing,
• enhances the functioning of immune system,
• has a beneficial effect on the organ of sight.
It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and supply a balance nutrition.

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